Belmar and Jersey Love

Last month women from all over the country invaded New Jersey.  Why?  Because they heard that a storm named Sandy wreaked havoc on our precious state and they wanted to make a difference.  These women wanted to help bring attention to the fact that the Jersey Shore is open for business and help boost tourism.  […]

Helping our Neighbors

I couldn’t sleep last night.  Besides some little nonsense stuff distracting me in my life, I was watching the tornado coverage in Oklahoma.  It was just so heart breaking to see unfold.  This got me to thinking of all the other tragedies over the past few months such as Hurricane Sandy, Newtown, and Boston. I’m […]

Why I Volunteer

I have frequently been asked why I bother getting so involved in volunteering with my kids activities knowing that it is often headache inducing.  Yes, it is very often headache inducing, sometimes even tear inducing.  Sometimes I feel stressed out, unappreciated and taken for granted.  But here is the thing.  It also brings me joy.  […]

A Touching Thank You

Last week my children’s school put on an assembly to thank the First Responders who were so vital during Hurricane Sandy a few months ago.  My daughter would mention something about the assembly in passing, but I didn’t have a real concept of what it was going to be.  Well let me just tell you […]

The Star in My Life

 Thank you to Macy’s Heart of Haiti for providing product to inspire this post about the stars in my life. I have a few stars in my life, but my friend Stacey is among the shiniest star of all.  You see, she has a heart of gold.  She is one of those people that will […]

An Evening of Giving

The thing about disaster is this; it’s only news until the media tires of it or the next disaster strikes. The rest of the world moves on but those who were struck by devastation are still left trying to pick up the pieces and put their lives back together.  The TV crews and cameras may […]