She Streams Selfies

One of the best things about attending conferences is getting to see all of your online bloggy buddies in person.  We connect in many ways online, but there is something special about a little face time, especially when it comes to the ladies from New Jersey Digital Moms.  Of course it wouldn’t be a conference […]

Belmar and Jersey Love

Last month women from all over the country invaded New Jersey.  Why?  Because they heard that a storm named Sandy wreaked havoc on our precious state and they wanted to make a difference.  These women wanted to help bring attention to the fact that the Jersey Shore is open for business and help boost tourism.  […]

An Evening of Giving

The thing about disaster is this; it’s only news until the media tires of it or the next disaster strikes. The rest of the world moves on but those who were struck by devastation are still left trying to pick up the pieces and put their lives back together.  The TV crews and cameras may […]