Adventures While Out and About

I have been shopping a lot lately, which is a bit on the unusual side for me.  While I enjoy a great day out browsing quaint shops from time to time, my trips to the store usually consist of a Target run for essentials and a grocery trip because my family needs to eat.  Recently, […]

Taking the 1st Step

Over the summer I did something for the first time that I both couldn’t wait to try and was absolutely petrified by at the same time.  What could that be, you ask?  Ziplining. Ziplining is something I’ve always want to try.  It seemed like a lot of fun zipping from place to place high up […]

Mommy Super Hero Powers

My son recently asked me what my super hero power would be if I could choose one.  It could be anything I wanted it to be.  This got me to thinking, what are the super powers that every mom needs to make life easier?  Here are a few I came up with. Cloning If I […]

Where I Am From

I am from boom boxes, Cabbage Patch Kids, and peanut butter and bacon sandwiches. I am from the blue house, the big yard, the woodsy smell of the fire burning in the fire place to keep us warm. I am from the brook, the wildlife, the trails that lead you through the woods. I am […]

My Secret Place

Ever since I’ve become a mom I’ve been trying to cultivate the perfect hiding spots.  Since you just never know when or why you will have the need to flee, the perfect hiding spot has a few specifications they must meet to make them perfect.  They need to have enough room that I don’t feel […]

About a Girl Named B

I tried to think of a way to turn this into an elegant post about me.  However, the harder I tried the worse it sounded.  So here are some random facts about me that aren’t on my About Me page.  I love the color purple.  And turquoise and hot pink.  I love the 3 together.  […]