Off to Camp for Kids

My house is quiet this week. No bickering, no fighting of any sort. Why? Because the kids are off at camp. The girl is at Girl Scout Camp which is pretty close to home and only includes one overnight, and the boys are 5+ hours away at Boy Scout Camp which, obviously, is sleep away […]

When Grown Adults Behave Like Children

In general, I avoid talking about politics.  I most definitely hold my own political views; I just refrain from sharing them with too many, especially here on my blog.  I just don’t enjoy getting into the debates the topic can often bring.  However, one thing I will bring up is the overgrown children we seem […]

Winning Isn’t Everything

With three kids in the house, two of which are boys, getting involved in sports was somewhat inevitable.  While we want our kids to learn the value of healthy competition, winning has never been our focus.  Instead we’ve always focused on participating in sports for the exercise and fun of it, not for the wining […]

10 Lessons Your Child Could Teach You

As adults, and especially parents, we tend to think we are the ones doing the teaching.  However, in reality, I find myself learning from my kids all the time.  Often, it is just a simple reminder to slow down and pay attention to what is happening around me.  These are 10 life lessons I think […]

From Boys to Young Men: Adventures in Scouting

This weekend marked a new milestone in our family.  My second son, The Middle Child, crossed over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. I’m incredibly proud of The Middle Child for sticking with Scouts.  Over the years his Den has grown and diminished in size several times, right down to this year when he became […]

Mommy Super Hero Powers

My son recently asked me what my super hero power would be if I could choose one.  It could be anything I wanted it to be.  This got me to thinking, what are the super powers that every mom needs to make life easier?  Here are a few I came up with. Cloning If I […]