One Year Ago

A year ago I spent the day readying my house and readying myself for what may lay ahead.  The storm of the century was about to roll in.  Was it hype? Were we doomed?  Turns out it was no hype. My husband was at work that day, where he would stay until the storm passed […]

Belmar and Jersey Love

Last month women from all over the country invaded New Jersey.  Why?  Because they heard that a storm named Sandy wreaked havoc on our precious state and they wanted to make a difference.  These women wanted to help bring attention to the fact that the Jersey Shore is open for business and help boost tourism.  […]

The Music Man Singing Ice Cream Shoppe

At The Music Man Singing Ice Cream Shoppe in Lavallette, NJ, you get so much more than ice cream.  I personally believe you come for the show and the ice cream is simply a side benefit.  An outing here is an experience, rather than just dessert, and everyone in the family will find themselves enjoying […]

A Walk Down the Seaside Boardwalk: Recovering From Sandy

Hurricane Sandy caused so much devastation here in New Jersey.  While it is sad that so many people are still not home, it is exciting to see the progress that has been made.  We have a chance to support the businesses that have managed to rebuild and reopen and this is a good thing.  I […]

A Touching Thank You

Last week my children’s school put on an assembly to thank the First Responders who were so vital during Hurricane Sandy a few months ago.  My daughter would mention something about the assembly in passing, but I didn’t have a real concept of what it was going to be.  Well let me just tell you […]

Up Close and Personal

The other day I shared some pictures from a distance of our venture over the bridge to the barrier islands. Today I’d like to share a few more from our drive around. Many roads are still closed.  Some towns are still closed to anyone but residents.  These blockades were just one of many we encountered. What […]