3D Mammography at South Jersey Radiology Associates

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During the month of October we see pink pop up everywhere. Pink ribbons, pink shirts, pink socks, pink everything. While some might think it starts getting a little crazy, I think it serves as a good reminder to take care of yourself and schedule your mammogram.

I used to work on a Women’s Health Unit in my early days of nursing. While we had no special qualifications for our floor other than being a woman, we got a lot of breast patients on our floor. After having their mastectomy, they were sent to us for their hospital stay (this was when patients actually got admitted after surgery instead). I’d hear a lot of stories. Some didn’t do their monthly breast exams; some didn’t have insurance and so didn’t go for a mammogram, while others just didn’t have time. Then of course, there were those women who were diligent with their care and the breast cancer still snuck in. One thing I learned from these women was: Take the time to take care of yourself.

As women, we need to take a few moments of our day to do our self-breast exams, make our doctor appointments and have a clinical breast exam, and have our mammogram screenings. While these preventative measures may not always keep that big, bad, ugly cancer from creeping in, we will have the self-assurance that we did what we could to catch it early.
These days, technology is way ahead of where it was when I started my nursing career. Today women can not only get a mammogram screening, they can now get a 3 D mammogram screening. The 3 D Tomosynthesis Mammography allows doctors to get a close up look of the breast tissue and structures individually. What this means for the patient is a more accurate reading, earlier detections, and fewer chances of a recall for a repeat mammogram because of an unclear reading. How nice is having that peace of mind? The exam itself feels just like a traditional mammogram and only takes seconds longer. While this portion of the exam is not currently covered by insurance, the traditional 2D mammogram portion will be covered and then there is a small fee for the additional 3 D Tomosynthesis scan.

Women in New Jersey have great options when it comes to finding a facility that offers this 3 D technology. South Jersey Radiology Associates has twelve convenient locations, four of which offer the 3D Tomosynthesis Mammography. Be sure to visit their website to learn more about their physicians, staff, and all of the services offered. Then, take a little time to care for yourself and be sure to schedule your mammogram!

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