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I love a good massage and whenever I find myself lucky enough to be receiving one only one question goes through my head…what took me so long to get here? When I was asked if I would like to review my local Massage Envy, I jumped at the chance.

The hardest decision I had to make was whether I wanted to have a facial or a massage. It has been years since I’ve treated myself to a facial but yet, I just cannot say no to a massage. I called to book my appointment and I was asked a few basic questions to help determine which kind of massage would be perfect for me. I loved this because right from the start they were trying to customize my experience to my needs. After deciding on a Swedish Massage with firm pressure, it was explained to me what to expect on my appointment day and I was asked if I knew exactly where they were located so that I would have no trouble finding them.


Once I arrived, I loved that even though I stepped in from a very busy shopping center, you could forget about the outside world. The waiting area has blinds on the window that allow some natural light to come in yet block the chaos right outside the window. I was asked to fill out some paperwork, which included some basic questions but also some health history and preferences, allowing me to customize my experience. When I met my massage therapist, she reviewed my paperwork and asked me a few questions so that she could pinpoint my trouble areas and needs. During the massage she asked me several times if I was comfortable and if the pressure was right so that she could provide me with the best massage she could.


When I checked out I was provided with a wellness plan from my therapist outlining what today’s visit focused on and her recommendations for future visits. I was also presented with the option to sign up for their membership. This is where Massage Envy differs from other spas I have gone to. Anyone can go for a one time massage or facial but I found the pricing to be a bit higher than other spas in my area. However, if you take advantage of their membership service, you will be able to receive a monthly facial or massage at a reduced price, which is more on par with the pricing of other spas. I really love the idea of this membership, with the idea that you will put yourself on the calendar for an hour each month to get a relaxing treatment.

Overall, I have to say that from start to finish I had a very positive experience with Massage Envy. The staff was all very friendly and attentive to making it a personalized experience. I walked in with a headache and walked out of there with a few less knots in my shoulders and ready to head back home to face the kiddos.

If you’ve never had a massage, I have just one question for you…what are you waiting for?

Disclosure: I was provided with a complimentary 1 hour massage at my local Massage Envy. No additional compensation was received and I was never asked to express a particular point of view. As always, all opinions are my own based on my experience.


  1. I have also visited that Massage Envy and became a member. My therapist is awesome and always customizes my massages as I need for that particular visit (at no extra cost). They have membership specials every month that I regularly take advantage of. Great staff, beautiful setting and overall wonderful experience each time I go,

  2. So relaxing! It’s been way to long since I have let myself get a massage! It’s time!

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