Holding on to Summer

I’ve reached the point in summer where I’m ready to dig my heels in.  I’m starting to feel the tug towards September with back to school and all the school year chaos but I’m trying hard to resist.  I want to tell everyone to bugger off and leave me in peace to enjoy my long, lazy summer days.  I’m just not ready.  Not ready at all.

Not being ready mentally does not mean I’ve totally ignored reality.  I’ve been after the kids to get their summer reading assignments and math packets completed.  We’ve done our share to stimulate the economy with back to school shopping this past week (three kids are expensive, yo!).  I’ve begun discussing our upcoming fall schedules.  I’ve even managed to get my son to 7am soccer practice on time (stupid mornings). But as you know, reality is over rated and it allows a lot less time for things like enjoying an evening walk and beautiful sunset.


I plan on packing a lot into these last two weeks and living it up! There are still lots of memories to be made.



  1. I can’t wait for summer to return!
    Elizabeth Norton recently posted…Well, You are 3.My Profile

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