First Day of Summer at Jenkinson’s Boardwalk

Last week we celebrated the first day of summer in style by heading to the boardwalk! It was a perfect day outside and we had a blast.  We rode the rides, explored the aquarium, braved the Fun House, and of course, had some pizza.

Fun House:

Whether you find the Fun House fun or creepy is a matter of opinion.  I will tell you this; be sure to walk through with your hands out in front of you.  Walking into a glass wall or mirror is NOT fun! The best part is the slide to the bottom on the way out.


Jenkinson’s Aquarium:

The aquarium isn’t huge but you can certainly spend a little time in there.  My daughter, the resident animal lover, could stay all day.  She loves watching the penguins and the harbor seals as well as exploring the touch tank.  But she will also pay just as much attention to each fish tank! Once you pay admission, you can get your hand stamped to come and go all day.  This means you can come back and watch the animal feedings or presentations later in the day! Be sure to check out their calendar of events too.


The Rides:

My husband and I had a moment of reminiscing  as our time on the rides has switched from the kiddie rides to the thrill rides.  I no longer need to strap them in or ride with them.  My kids love going from ride to ride, visiting their favorites more than once.

jenkinson's_boardwalkThe best part of welcoming summer at the boardwalk? It means the season is just getting started and there is a whole lot more time to enjoy the fun!

Don’t forget to enter for your chance to win 5 VIP wrist bands so that you can enjoy Jenkinson’s too!


Disclosure: My family and I received wrist bands for our visit.  All opinions are my own.

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