End of Summer Beach Bash

This summer hasn’t exactly been going as I had hoped.  July was pretty much a bust between rain and illness and August flew by.  However, we were able to sneak in one last summer hurrah last week before it was time to head back to school.  We packed up our beach gear and headed to the Golden Inn in Avalon, NJ for a Beach Bash with Real Mom Media and Sandman Matt.

What an absolutely fantastic time we had! The best part of our midweek escape was learning how to build sandcastles like a pro with Sandman Matt.  He is so fun and really taught us so many things about sandcastles.

Golden Inn Sandcastle by Sandman Matt

Matt took the time to go through the basics of building sandcastles.  Start with a pile of dirt and add water.  Then add more water.  After that, using a form, add more sand and water.  Then add big globby handfuls of wet sand on top.  Finally, it’s time to carve your creation into something wonderful! (He explained it much better than this! This is the short hand version of our takeaway)

Golden Inn Beach Bash with Sandman Matt

Learning the basics

sandcastles with Sandman Matt at the Golden Inn, Avalon, NJ

Learning to shape our creation

After our basic lessons it was our turn to try our hand at building a sandcastle.  While we were working on our sandcastle, Matt took the time to walk around to everyone and give some personalized tips and direction.

building sandcastles in Avalon, NJ with Sandman Matt

Sandman Matt giving us some tips

Let me tell you something, this is a great team building exercise.  Not only did everyone need to listen to all that Sandman Matt had to say, they needed to agree on the direction they wanted the castle to take and then take turns building it.  After all was said and done, we had a very modest first attempt at a sandcastle but we loved every single second of the experience.  We can’t wait to get back out on the beach and try building something bigger and better next time!

building sandcastles with Sandman Matt

Our first attempt!

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