Taking a Train Ride With Santa

I love taking a scenic train ride through the country side.  Add Santa and Mrs. Claus and you have the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit.

Making Gingerbread Houses With Mrs. Claus

There is nothing like making gingerbread houses with Mrs. Claus to get you into the Christmas spirit!


One day I will find the time to read all of these.  I just seem to add them to the shelf faster than I can remove them!

She Streams Selfies

One of the best things about attending conferences is getting to see all of your online bloggy buddies in person.  We connect in many ways online, but there is something special about a little face time, especially when it comes to the ladies from New Jersey Digital Moms.  Of course it wouldn’t be a conference […]

Dog Sledding

This summer our family got to enjoy an amazing experience.  We went dog sledding for the very first time!  When we first go there we were introduced to the puppies and all of the dogs.  We were able to participate in harnessing the dogs to the sled and my daughter even got to drive.  Take […]

Sandy Hook, NJ