Just Breathe


Just. Breathe. I’m finding myself saying that to myself quite often these days.  Life has been a whirlwind of activity lately with never ending days that lead into never ending evenings.  I’m exhausted, both mentally and physically.  I’m trying not to get ahead of myself though and I’m trying like heck to let things that […]

Back To School

Sigh.  The kids went back to school yesterday.  I know for many parents this is a cause for celebration but I wasn’t ready.  I feel like summer just got started.  With all the snow we had last winter they got out late and so summer break was shorter than most years.  We also weren’t home […]

Summer Sleep-Away Book Review & Giveaway


About Summer Sleep-Away Summer Sleep-Away is a tale of a young boy’s first summer going off to sleep-away camp. Far from home, separated from his family and not knowing a soul, Mattie Kleinfeld is scared, homesick and cries himself to sleep. But soon the tears give way to new friends and fantastic adventures. Mattie goes hiking […]

Don’t Let Summer Slip Away!


It is the middle of August and thoughts are shifting to gearing up for going  back to school.  I’m not ready to give up summer vacation and start up the chaotic fall routine. In this house, I’ll probably be kicking and screaming louder than the kids on the first day of school.  But you know […]

Diggerland & Activation ReACT


This past weekend I was invited to Diggerland USA to celebrate the partnership between them and Activation React.  Our day started with a press conference before the park opened and then we were able to stay and enjoy the park with our families courtesy of Diggerland. About Activation ReACT I am so proud of my […]

21 Peach Recipes


We went peach picking the other day.  I love going to pick-your-own farms and getting fruit fresh from the source.  It is a fun activity as well as supporting local businesses.  However, I tend to go a little crazy when I’m picking and always come home with more than we could ever eat in a […]